Fools Errand


Jack Rinaldi is a cautious young man who is forced to embark on the adventure of his life when he discovers a letter his father wrote him just before he died, six years ago.

His father lived on the edges of organized crime, a charming rogue who failed far more often that he succeeded in life. The letter, however, tells of a cache of stolen money he claims to have left behind, leading his reluctant son on a search that takes him from New York City to Las Vegas and ultimately to the south of France. Along the way, Jack is confronted by dangerous mobsters, dishonest relatives, suspicious friends, a mysterious woman and the perils of a journey his father may or may not have planned for him. In the end, he locates an elderly man his father had known many years before, who helps to not only solve the puzzle of the missing loot, but also the mystery of his relationship with his father.

The story is fast-moving yet poignant, intriguing but amusing, all the while an entertaining look at a father, a son, and the ties that bind.

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