Fool's Errand

The latest from author Jeffrey S. Stephens


Years after the death of his gangster father, a young man discovers a letter that sends him reluctantly defying the mob as he races to locate a hidden treasure.

Blackie lived on the edges of organized crime—a charming rogue who never attained the wealth he coveted while endlessly pursuing “The Big Deal”—while his son did all he could to avoid the pitfalls of his father’s chosen path, pursuing a respectable career as an ad executive. Now, six years after Blackie’s death, his son discovers the enigmatic letter his father had written, telling of a cache of stolen money, propelling him on a search that leads from the mean streets of New York, to the Strip in Las Vegas, and ultimately to the south of France. Along the way he is forced to confront the dangers of the underworld and his father’s past, embarking on a life-altering journey that unravels the decades-long mystery his father left him to solve, while revealing other secrets as well.

FOOL’S ERRAND is poignant and entertaining, humorous and exciting, romantic and mysterious—an adventure that explores the relationship between a father and son, and the events that will ultimately lead that young man to discover both the treasure and himself.