Enemies Among Us

Jeffrey Stephens


Nick Reagan and his team of talented CIA operatives have managed to prevent three horrific attacks planned by the ruthless terrorist known worldwide as The Handler. Cunning and resourceful, The Handler has eluded capture, and now Reagan is determined to track him down.

While assembling clues to the possible whereabouts of his prey, Reagan’s superiors in the CIA inexplicably order him to stand down. Accustomed to flaunting authority, Reagan ignores the directive while seeking to identify the source of this obstruction. As he probes, it becomes increasingly evident that the evil he faces is corruption from within.

His suspicions growing, Reagan expands his efforts beyond the dangerous hunt for The Handler to an active investigation of both his own government and those who possess the real influence in Washington. Collectively, these are the most formidable adversaries Reagan has ever faced, the rich and powerful who control our energy resources, including oil and lithium; Big Pharma; the media; and the funding of politicians for their personal beliefs and gains.

Charting an unfamiliar course amidst the pervasive treachery and deadly secrets inside the nation’s capital, Reagan is not sure who he can trust as he works to expose the worst of America’s elite—those who believe in a New World Order.

Violent confrontations intensify with each new act of treason he unearths, leaving Reagan to rely on his patriotic instincts as he and his team risk their lives to bring down these traitors and restore safety and freedom.


The thing that disturbed me most, as I read Enemies Among Us, is the depiction of those realistic threats posed by evil people in our own government who shield themselves behind a guise of patriotic armor. The highest praise I can offer is that I devoured the entire novel in two sittings and continue to be fascinated by its large, suspenseful spell.

Chris Beakey, author of Amazon best-seller FATAL OPTION

December 2023