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As Nick Reagan hunts down the terrorist mastermind, The Handler, he uncovers corruption at the highest levels of government, perhaps even within his own CIA.


Nick Reagan and his team of talented CIA operatives have managed to prevent three horrific attacks planned by the ruthless terrorist known worldwide as The Handler. Cunning and resourceful, The Handler has eluded capture, and now Reagan is determined to track him down.  
While assembling clues to the possible whereabouts of his prey, Reagan’s superiors in the CIA inexplicably order him to stand down. Accustomed to flaunting authority, Reagan ignores the directive while seeking to identify the source of this obstruction. As he probes, it becomes increasingly evident that the evil he faces is corruption from within.
His suspicions growing, Reagan expands his efforts beyond the dangerous hunt for The Handler to an active investigation of both his own government and those who possess the real influence in Washington. Collectively, these are the most formidable adversaries Reagan has ever faced, the rich and powerful who control our energy resources, including oil and lithium; Big Pharma; the media; and the funding of politicians for their personal beliefs and gains. 
Charting an unfamiliar course amidst the pervasive treachery and deadly secrets inside the nation’s capital, Reagan is not sure who he can trust as he works to expose the worst of America’s elite—those who believe in a New World Order.
Violent confrontations intensify with each new act of treason he unearths, leaving Reagan to rely on his patriotic instincts as he and his team risk their lives to bring down these traitors and restore safety and freedom.

“The thing that disturbed me most, as I read Enemies Among Us, is the depiction of those realistic threats posed by evil people in our own government who shield themselves behind a guise of patriotic armor. The highest praise I can offer is that I devoured the entire novel in two sittings and continue to be fascinated by its large, suspenseful spell.”

Chris Beakey, author of Amazon best-seller FATAL OPTION


This gripping adventure takes two CIA operatives from New York to Afghanistan, Paris, Las Vegas, and, ultimately, America’s heartland as they race to prevent a series of terrorist attacks.

When the CIA uncovers details of violent assaults planned throughout the United States, clandestine CIA operative Nicholas Reagan and his partner, Carol Gellos, are assigned to prevent them—traveling across the world as they confront long odds and danger along the way.

The hard cover of THE HANDLER is being released by Post Hill Press on August 30th, Kindle version is available at Amazon.

The Handler

Publisher: Post Hill Press (August 30, 2022) Hard Cover
ISBN-10: 1637585829
ISBN-13: 978-1637585825
Available from Amazon.com

“THE HANDLER is a heart-pounding ride with great narratives and interesting people and places. It’s got it all – spies, assassins, guns, and terrorist cells… If you liked Vince Flynn novels, you would love Stephens’s super cool CIA operative Nick Reagan.”


“The Handler: A Nick Reagan Thriller by Jeffrey S. Stephens is not your regular crime thriller. It has a unique plot, and the way the story played out was incredible. 4 out of 4 stars!”


“Nick Reagan is a great new character who risks everything to stand on the frontlines, protecting America at a time when we need him most. Think Jason Bourne for the new millennium—Jeffrey Stephens’ new series is one to watch moving forward.”

The Real Book Spy


Years after the death of his gangster father, a young man discovers a letter that sends him reluctantly defying the mob as he races to locate a hidden treasure.

Blackie lived on the edges of organized crime—a charming rogue who never attained the wealth he coveted while endlessly pursuing “The Big Deal”—while his son did all he could to avoid the pitfalls of his father’s chosen path, pursuing a respectable career as an ad executive. Now, six years after Blackie’s death, his son discovers the enigmatic letter his father had written, telling of a cache of stolen money, propelling him on a search that leads from the mean streets of New York, to the Strip in Las Vegas, and ultimately to the south of France. Along the way he is forced to confront the dangers of the underworld and his father’s past, embarking on a life-altering journey that unravels the decades-long mystery his father left him to solve, while revealing other secrets as well.

FOOL’S ERRAND is poignant and entertaining, humorous and exciting, romantic and mysterious—an adventure that explores the relationship between a father and son, and the events that will ultimately lead that young man to discover both the treasure and himself.

“Fool’s Errand may be a new classic.”

Tim Tapp


“Moving from past to present is deftly handled, and the mystery presented seems both plausible and intriguing.”

Kirkus Reviews

“While Fool’s Errand brings elements of The Maltese Falcon, Goodfellas, and even a dash of old-school detective thrillers and serial films, this tale is fully current.”

Byron Preston - pjmedia.com

Crimes and Passion Book

Crimes and Passion

Publisher: Mandevilla Press
ISBN-10: 162704051X
ISBN-13: 978-1627040518
Available from Amazon.com


Danger meets desire in the gripping mystery Crimes and Passion from Jeffrey S. Stephens, author of the popular Jordan Sandor thrillers. Crimes and Passion opens with the murder of a seductive socialite and unfolds into the fast-paced narrative and clever character development for which Stephens is known. When the detective assigned to the case discovers a racy journal the woman left behind, he needs to decipher her cryptic tales of sexual conquest in time to prevent more victims.

Elizabeth Knoebel expected her appointment that night to provide another juicy entry in her private diary, aptly entitled Sexual Rites. But a shadowy figure, watching from the edge of her property, has other plans. Instead of an evening of pleasure, Elizabeth is confronted by someone who wants to put an end to her destructive behavior — and succeeds.

Crimes and Passion is the gripping mystery-thriller from Jeffrey S. Stephens, effortlessly weaving suspense and sensuality with psychological undercurrents.

Elizabeth’s murder investigation is turned over to Lieutenant Robbie Whyte, a former New York City cop now serving on the force in affluent Fairfield County, Connecticut. Whyte understands that the appearances of the privileged gentry are often far removed from reality, and this certainly proves to be true in the case of Elizabeth Knoebel, who Whyte discovers was under the care of psychotherapist Dr. Randi Conway.

When Whyte finds Elizabeth’s diary, Sexual Rites, he uncovers explicit details of her erotic adventures with various men, many of whom may have been the husbands of the women in her therapy group. Elizabeth was a predator bent on seducing and, in some instances, humiliating these men, obsessed with a perverse mission that Whyte believes led to her murder.

The secrets of Crimes and Passion are peeled away one layer at a time as readers meet an assortment of Dr. Conway’s patients — one of whom may have been Elizabeth’s killer. With Dr. Conway unwilling to betray her patients’ confidences, Whyte’s investigation gets complicated, putting the therapist herself in more danger as Whyte gets closer to the truth, and to the doctor herself.

With a pacing that mirrors Whyte’s frantic search for the truth, Crimes and Passion keeps readers guessing as each revelation unfolds. And along the way, readers are shown glimpses into the dynamics that cause marriages to succeed, to fail or sometimes, to end in tragedy.


Jeffrey S. Stephens lives in Greenwich, Connecticut. He is also the author of the Jordan Sandor espionage thrillers, beginning with Targets of Deception and, most recently, Rogue Mission. Crimes and Passion is the first in a planned series featuring Lieutenant Robbie Whyte.

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