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Targets of Opportunity

Jordan Sandor is back in action for the Central Intelligence Agency. Although not fully recovered from injuries suffered while preventing the series of terrorist attacks described in TARGETS OF DECEPTION, the Agency’s most talented operative is pressed into service when an Iranian defector brings word of a secret alliance among Iran, North Korea and Venezuela.


targets-of-opportunity-book-cover  targets-of-opportunity-paperback-book-cover

As one cataclysm follows another, Sandor must chase down every available lead in an effort to uncover the true purpose of these attacks. He can trust no one as he is drawn into action around the globe, moving from one continent to another in search of answers until he finally pieces together a puzzle that leads him back home, hopefully in time to prevent the catastrophe our enemies have in store—a massive strike at the heart of the United States oil supply in the Gulf of Mexico.

The action builds, the stakes rise and the shocking outcome is not revealed until the final moments of this page-turning thriller.

Targets of Opportunity - Video Trailer

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